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Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 

Group Training Program

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The 8-Week Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 group training program will help you uncover your transferable informatics-related skills and put your best foot forward in your resumes and interviews.

This group training program is only available a few times a year. 

You're one step away from having a seasoned Informatics Nurse Manager coach you through the Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 group training program!


You Can Stand Out

Learn the strategy to build and highlight your Informatics-related SKILLS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS and use it to:

  • Build a strong skill set that Informatics Managers and teams will understand and appreciate.
  • Transform your resume from being clinically-oriented to being Informatics-focused.
  • Learn a strategic and structured method to communicate your skills, accomplishments, and value during Informatics interviews.
  • Proactively and intentionally steer your activities towards the Nursing Informatics career you've dreamed of having. 
  • Take practical steps towards a sustainable career in a future-facing Nursing specialty.

Yes, It Is Possible!

In the Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 group training program, you’ll learn how to finally get the clarity and confidence to get started on the Nursing Informatics career path.


The Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 Group Training Program


Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Future?

This 8-week group training program will teach you how to start building and highlighting your Informatics-related skill set. You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand what Nursing Informatics job descriptions are telling you about what the hiring team is looking for in their ideal candidate.  You get a deeper understanding of the "must-have" vs. "good to have" requirements!
  • Change how and what you're highlighting in your resume so that you "speak the same language" that hiring teams are speaking
  • Obtain essential skills used by Informatics Nurses that can help you stand out in the candidate pool
  • Use a technique that helps you structure your responses to behavioral interview questions so your answers are more focused, clear, and impactful...and help you "speak the same language" as the informatics hiring teams!

With a simple shift in your mindset and some practical techniques, you could start intentionally steering your activities towards the Nursing Informatics career path that you've always wanted.

What's Included In The Group Training...


Resume Transformation Workshop

The secret to getting invited to interview for Nursing Informatics job openings is to get past the electronic and human gatekeepers.  In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Your Inspiring Introduction: What it is and how to create an impactful one and use it in your Nursing Informatics resume
  • What electronic and human "gatekeepers" mean and what they are usually looking for
  • What Informatics-related transferable skills mean and how to identify whether you already have them
  • How to stop highlighting your clinical skills and instead highlight your Informatics-related skills and experience
  • How to start "speaking the same language" as the hiring teams who are writing the job descriptions you're applying for.

You’ll finish this training with a transformed resume that highlights your Informatics-related skills and accomplishments and speaks the same language that hiring teams are speaking

Essential Skills for Informatics Nurses Workshop, Part 1

Your Informatics-related skills and accomplishments are the foundation for a strong job application.  Learn actionable steps you can take to identify and increase your Informatics-related skills, including:

  •  How to start thinking like an Informatics Nurse
  • How to use practical problem-solving skills to come up with nursing informatics solutions to real-life issues and problems
  • Secrets to successfully sharing your proposed solutions or projects ideas with decision-makers so you start to be seen as a problem-solver

You'll finish this training with a proposed solution to a real-life issue in your workplace, and the skills to successfully articulate your ideas with decision-makers.


Essential Skills for Informatics Nurses, Part 2

Build on the foundation from the previous workshop, you'll learn:

  • A style of managing projects used by informatics teams
  • An inspiring example of a nurse who created a solution that is in use by thousands of her colleagues for over 10 years - that she developed while working full-time as a clinician
  • Sample Nursing Informatics project case studies that will give you insights on how informatics nurses make a positive impact on their workplaces and increase their value

You’ll finish this training with ideas of how to make an impact in your current and future roles/jobs and additional tools and techniques to help you in your Nursing Informatics job hunt.

Acing Nursing Informatics Behavioral Questions Workshop

+ Group Mock Interview Session with Constructive Dynamic Feedback

For many nurses, the Informatics interview is the last challenge that they have to master in order to communicate that they are the potential team member that the hiring team is looking for. During this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • A proven technique that helps you structure your response to behavioral interview questions in a more impactful way
  • How to handle sensitive questions such as "What is your weakness?" and "What are your salary expectations?"
  • What questions you should ask the hiring team
  • Other interviewing techniques for virtual panel interviews

You’ll finish this training with specific answers to common behavioral interview questions using a structured, systematic technique as well as other skills to improve your ability and confidence for Nursing Informatics interviews.


Wrap Up Session 

In this bonus session, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and practice skills covered in the previous workshops.

You’ll get the chance to get additional coaching in a group setting, as well as polish your resume and interviewing skills.


When you sign up for the Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 group training program, you will get these bonuses worth up to $395!


BONUS 1 - Full Investment Bonus

Value: $300


For participants who choose the full payment option

This 60-minute 1:1 Mock Interview Session simulates a real-life interview.  You will be using the skills and techniques you learned during the group Interview workshops.  You will get individualized constructive feedback and a custom performance improvement plan to help you refine your interviewing skills.  



Value: $49


For all participants

In this self-study online mini-course, you’ll learn:

  • How to find Nursing Informatics jobs using a combination of techniques
  • How to identify the Informatics Nurse roles that are included in the job description
  • Understand what Nursing Informatics job descriptions are telling you about what the hiring team is looking for in terms of Informatics Nurse roles and "must-have" vs. "good to have" requirements
  • How to identify any gaps between your current skill set and the hiring team's desired skill set, and create a plan to address any gaps

You’ll finish this training with a deeper understanding of how to find and analyze a Nursing Informatics job opening that you're interested in.



Value: $27

eBook: CONNECTING THE DOTS, version 2: 50+ Things I Wish I Knew About Nursing Informatics Roles and Jobs Before I Became an Informatics Nurse

For all participants

This ebook clearly explains the general responsibilities and key tasks for 4 of the most common entry-level Nursing Informatics roles. 

It also gives you insights on how you can start learning basic and intermediate transferable skills for these 4 roles that will help you prepare for Nursing Informatics roles - often even while you are still at your current job.

You will be provided a PDF copy of this eBook within 48 hours of signing up.



Value: $19 

Off-the-Beaten Path: Guide to 25 Non-Hospital Organizations That Hire Informatics Nurses

For all participants

Discover 25 non-hospital organization that have job openings for informatics nurses (and even aspiring informatics nurses).

Includes a brief overview of each company.

This Group Training Is For You If...

  • You strongly feel that Nursing Informatics is the career path for you, but you just don't know where to start. 
  • You have tried many suggestions, tips, and advice on your own without seeing positive results.
  • You want a step-by-step process that gives you clear action items to take to identify and increase your Informatics skills.
  • You don't know what Nursing Informatics jobs to look for that are aligned with your strengths, skills, interests, and goals
  • You've submitted your resume to Nursing Informatics jobs but have gotten rejections or have not heard back at all
  • You've gotten invitations for Nursing Informatics job interviews but never received an offer.
  • You want to start your Nursing Informatics career journey with more clarity and confidence about the steps you need to take.

I'm Fatima Gatela, MBA, BSN, RN-BC

After working as a Nurse in the Med/Surg and ICU settings, I decided that the Nursing Informatics specialty offered me the opportunity to work as a nurse in a career where I could more easily excel and thrive.  However, I had what I though were many limitations including the fact that I did not have a master's degree of any kind and no prior experience in a formal Nursing Informatics job. But with persistence and some proven techniques, I was able to land a Nursing Informatics job in 2010 and I'm now a Clinical Informatics manager.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find a path into Nursing Informatics. I’ll show you how to identify and highlight your Informatics-related skills and accomplishments, transform your resume, and be more prepared and confident for Nursing Informatics interviews so you can get started on your Nursing Informatics journey with more clarity and confidence.

"My search for a nurse informatics position was a nineteen-month
anguish-filled journey after I graduated with an MSN in informatics. I had a lot of initial interviews and panel interviews, albeit no offers. I was very close to enrolling in an
FNP program due to the angst from many failed attempts when I crossed paths with TheInformaticsNurse.

The weekly coaching seminars and exercises helped me discover myself, optimise my CV, arm me with interview strategies and talking points, and most importantly instill confidence, and perseverance towards my career goals.

After another round of interviews, I had the unique problem of choosing one of the two job offers I received.

I believe the knowledge gained with this coaching program monstrously augmented my qualities as a potential candidate."

- Mark Siaotong, RN, MSN

"The Nursing Informatics Now training program was an amazing, positive and transformational experience!

It increased my self-confidence and allowed me to refine and build upon previous informatics skills in multiple areas. We were able to network with other fellow nurses with similar goals within our group and learn from each other.

 Fatima was so inspirational, encouraging and a great mentor. I was able to learn how to revise my resume and showcase my strengths in an impactful way. This allowed me to gain confidence and begin exploring areas of informatics where I saw myself in the future.

The program built upon skills learned in previous weeks and how to apply them in informatics.

After completing this course, I had the tools to begin the next chapter in my career. I highly recommend this course!"

- Katharine Bartol, MA, RN-BC, CPAN

"Enrolling in Fatima's training program was one of the best decisions I've made. Fatima is a great mentor! She helped me go from feeling discouraged about job hunting, to feeling confident and ready for interviews.

As a home health nurse, I felt that I didn't have the skills or experience that other inpatient nurses do before transitioning into an informatics role.

However, this program helped me realize that I
already have some of the skills and experience needed to be an informatics nurse, I just didn't know it.

I also learned many new concepts from this course that will not only
be helpful in a future informatics role but are also applicable in my current role.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to be an informatics nurse!"

- Thu Nguyen, BSN, RN

Nursing Informatics Now 4.0

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If you are not completely satisfied with the Nursing Informatics Now 4.0 Group Training Program, you can let us know until 3 days after the first live workshop. No questions asked. 

Access to training materials and any bonus coaching sessions available after the cancellation date are considered void.